Resources for Men’s Sheds

The  Men’s Sheds of WA Strategic & Business Plan contained a large number of resources that Sheds may find useful and may be accessed by clicking here.

Use the table of contents on pages 4 & 5 to find the bits you are interested in.  Click on the page number to go to the topic you want.  Ignore the rest. It’s not meant to be read from start to finish.

Please do give feedback:

  • How can the material that’s included be improved?
  • Errors, omissions.
  • Suggested additions.

We want this resource to grow and be more useful, but that needs your input.


If you have something to donate, swap, sell or you are wanting something, please click here and complete the form.

MSWA also receives donations of machinery and various supplies such as timber and paint.

MSWA will collate the requests and donations that it receives and email them to Sheds that are financial members of MSWA, usually on a monthly basis.