Men’s Health and Wellbeing

Spanner in The Works?

A Men’s Health initiative by the Australian Men’s Shed Association

Gary Green  0428 133 546

Regional Men’s Health Initiative

The Regional Men’s Health Initiative is comprised of a team of people who are passionate about raising awareness of men’s health in regional communities.


Men’s Health and Wellbeing WA

Men’s Health and Wellbeing WA is the peak independent not-for-profit charity organisation dedicated to representing and promoting the health and wellbeing of boys and men in Western Australia.

Phone: (08) 9218 8044


beyondblue is a national, independent, not-for-profit organisation working to address issues associated with depression, anxiety and related disorders in Australia

1300 22 4636

Men’s Health Peer Education

The Men’s Health Peer Education is a program of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs
that raises awareness about men’s health issues and encourages men to share responsibility
for their own health and wellbeing.  There are a range of valuable resources
that may be accessed at
1800 555 254


SHED-IT is a low cost, online weight loss program designed specifically by men, for men. The 12 week program is easy to use and men can lose up to 10kgs and keep it off, without pills, potions, or having to give up beer or the food they love.

Diabetes WA

Diabetes WA is the peak body and voice of diabetes in Western Australia.  Diabetes WA is here for your health journey and provides a range of support and education services to make living
with diabetes easier, offering programs that inform the community about the ways of safeguarding against or reducing the impact of diabetes, including type 2 diabetes prevention initiatives. We also supply information and advice to anyone wanting to know more about diabetes.

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

PCFA is dedicated to reducing the impact of prostate cancer on Australian men, their
partners and families.

9381 7444

Healthy Male Andrology Australia

Andrology Australia is the centre for male reproductive health, funded by
the Australian Government Department of Health and administered by Monash

1300 303 878

Men’s Health Contact List

The Men’s Health Contact List has become one of our most popular men’s health resources. The list is compiled by Andrology Australia with the aim of directing men to services that will help them make good decisions about their health. It folds to credit card size for easy storage in the wallet.

The Andrology Australia Men’s Health Contact List is available at no charge and can be ordered online. It could make a valuable hand-out at your men’s health event or display.

Asthma Foundation WA

The Asthma Foundation WA is a leading community organisation that provides education and support services for people with asthma, their families and carers.

The Mesothelioma Center

Australia’s high incidence of mesothelioma corresponds with the country’s extensive history of asbestos use. Because of this use, Australia has the second-highest mesothelioma death rate in the world, trailing only that of the United Kingdom.

The Mesothelioma Center ( has created a comprehensive guide about asbestos in Australia. You can check it out here:

Understanding the Male Menopause and Mental Health

A general information guide from UK based Optimale to better understand male menopause conditions and their effects on men’s mental health. It has information on the physical and emotional changes associated with male menopause, the effect on men’s wellbeing and their impact on daily life and other useful information.

WA Connect

An online directory of services that you can use for emergency purposes like emergency accommodation, rent assistance, food vouchers and emergency relief.

Mens Directory – Online

A searchable listing of services available to the men of Western Australia. across a broad range of health and wellbeing areas including crisis services, relationships, fathering, eating right, being active, weight control, alcohol and drug use, preventable diseases, suicide prevention, legal and financial support, and domestic violence. It encourages men to be proactive in taking control over their physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing (provided by the Men’s Health and Wellbeing WA).